Tradition and progress

“Success in colour” – this is the slogan that Meffert AG has chosen to celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2017. The specialist paint shop that Otto Meffert Snr. opened in the centre of Bad Kreuznach (Germany) in 1947 is considered the foundation stone of the modern Meffert AG Farbwerke. The company began producing its own paints in 1955, and today these quality German-made products are prized around the globe. Distribution locations in Europe and Asia ensure direct local sales and customer service.

Meffert AG is also excellently positioned in terms of sustainability. The production facility and warehouse are of the highest technical standard at all branches, and the company’s philosophy also includes sustainable business management and the manufacturing of environmentally friendly products.

Meffert AG also pays particular attention to the responsible handling of another key resource: its staff.


With 17 international production and distribution locations Meffert AG ensures the success of its high-quality products in a total of 60 countries.

Production facilities in Germany:

  • Bad Kreuznach, 2 factories
  • Ostrau
  • Erfurt
  • Mainz
  • Königswinter

International production facilities:

  • MGF GmbH, Ukraine
  • OOO „Meffert Production“, Rossijskaja Federazija, Russia
  • UAB Meffert Baltica Marijampoles sav. Trakiški km., Lithuania
  • Meffert Hungária Kft, Hungary

Distribution centres:

  • Meffert FRANCE S.A.S, France
  • Meffert CR spol. s r.o., Czech Republic
  • Meffert (Beijing) Paint Co., Ltd., China
  • OOO Meffert Polilux, Rossijskaja Federazija, Russia
  • Dinova Italia s.r.l., Italy
  • Meffert AG Schweiz, Switzerland


Our düfa brand features a hedgehog and is known and loved around the world. The hedgehog is seen as a loveable and friendly creature, and one that needs clean air and an unpolluted environment at all times. This aim of maintaining a liveable environment is precisely the focus of Meffert AG, and so the hedgehog has caught on as düfa’s trade mark. The brand logo represents products that protect the well-being both of users and of the people that inhabit the buildings. Emission-free and low-emission paints and varnishes, a wide range of services, and high durability – these are the factors that make düfa’s products stand out. Like the hedgehog’s prickly coat, they represent the protection of surfaces.

The düfa logo was created by combining a colour fan and a hedgehog’s face.

The basis for düfa’s worldwide success is the company’s consistent focus on customers’ requirements and wishes. For example, we recognised at an early stage that environmentally friendly products would become established on the market. With düfa, we therefore put our faith in water-based paints and varnishes right from the outset. The value placed on our sustainable products today proves that this was a landmark decision.


Meffert AG was one of the first ever paint and varnish manufacturers to introduce the Blue Angel as a consumer label on its products in the Asian market. This certifies that düfa products meet the legal requirements regarding their ingredients and therefore that they are compatible with the environment and human health.

The Blue Angel is considered the first and most successful environmental label in the world. It is of course “Made in Germany” and has been certifying especially environmentally friendly products since 1978, during which time the Blue Angel has served to convince countless consumers.

The French VOC label classifies indoor products with regard to their emissions. Only very low-emission products are awarded the highest classification of “A+”.

TÜV inspects building products for pollutants, emissions and quality characteristics. Regular tests ensure consistent product quality. The TÜV test certificate "emission-tested" provides building owners and craftsmen with valuable guidance when building or renovating.

The ILF symbol provides consumers with information on technical product characteristics, which are tested by the independent company Forschungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Lacke und Farben mbH.

The EU Ecolabel (“EU Flower”) distinguishes products whose environmental impact is lower than that of comparable products.

The ELF label is based on the guidelines of the German Paint Industry Association, which sets a very clear benchmark for VOCs and plasticizers (700ppm) to declare a product as “ELF” - low emission and solvent-free.

“Made in Germany” has also become a symbol of quality and confidence thanks to decades of high standards and reliability in German workmanship and the sincerity of Germany companies.

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